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Tea stains vessels, clothes and upholstery is bound to stain your teeth too, over a period of time. So if these beverages of regular consumption do discolour teeth, do you stop consuming them? That’s surely not the solution by any means! There are ways to manage discolouration of teeth caused due to beverage consumption. While some of them could be carried out at home, others would require visits to the dentists.


Understanding How Tea Would Eventually Discolour Teeth

Caffeinated beverages cause discolouration in the dental plaque and not the tooth itself. This plaque needs to be cleaned or flossed away within a period of 24 hours. In case it remains in the teeth, it hardens to form what we commonly call tartar. This tartar is a porous substance and absorbs stains caused by other food items as well. Eventually, your teeth look ugly and stained. In such cases you need to conduct a dental cleaning process which can effectively remove the tartar and the stains would disappear with them.

 Dealing with Tooth Discolouration

Some of the most effective remedies to deal with tooth discolouration  include the following:

Always remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly with tap water, every time you consume any caffeinated beverage.

Regular brushing and flossing of teeth is a must. Flossing is an excellent way to remove dental plaque on a regular basis. This will prevent formation of hardened tartars.

Make a paste with some common salt and baking soda. Use this to brush your teeth at least two times a week. Although this might not have a whitening impact on the teeth, it will surely help in removing stains.

Consider rinsing your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide solution after brushing. This will help in dealing with the stains much more easily.
You can also consider using an electric toothbrush for cleaning purposes. These are known to be especially effective in cleaning plaque and tartar.

Always use a good quality whitening toothpaste for effective reduction of stains.

You could also try some bleaching kits at home. Buy ones which contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as bleaching agents.

Finally, if the stains continue to persist despite your best efforts, consider paying a visit to the dentist. He would carry out a complete cleaning of your teeth and gums and you can actually see the stains visibly disappearing. Remember paid dental procedures such as these might prove to be expensive and time consuming at the same time. So consider giving tea addiction a second thought.


Last week, a patient visited my clinic. He was 8.5 years old. He walked in with his mom. His oral health was pathetic. I asked him whether he had visited a dentist anytime in his life. He said no. I asked him if there were any dental camps arranged in his school. He said that his was a government school and no dentists had come to his school.

He was in significant pain and had been under over-the-counter (OTC) medications for the past 2 days. My treatment plan for him included scaling, restorations, few extractions and few pulpal therapies to bring his oral health to an acceptable level. I explained everything to him and his mother and they were willing for everything. Only hitch – cost. I couldn’t make it affordable to the patient and patient was certainly not in a financial position to opt for the complex dental treatment.

I felt helpless. I put him on antibiotics and painkillers (of course, the free samples that are given to me by medical representatives) and asked him to come after 2 days. He went off.

Meanwhile, I had a ear pain and went to consult an ENT specialist in the peripheral area of Madurai. He was a very polite man and a distant relative to boost. On a casual note, I spoke about dental practice and the cost it incurs on patients which prevents most of the poor income group patients to neglect dental care altogether. He offered me a deal. He offered me a place in his hospital at a subsidized cost to set up a practice if that would help make some dental treatment affordable to his patients.

I came home, thought about it and decided that I am going to do something for the future pillars of this country.

Initially I thought about offering free preventive dental treatment to kids of the low-income group in my own clinic. However, two things stop me from doing that.

1. I have a heavy investment in this set-up which needs returns. If an unaffordable patient is going to take up the chair time in my clinic, my affordable patients go elsewhere.

2. The area where I practice – most of the kids have good oral hygiene because there are plenty of dentists around who will arrange camps frequently in schools.

After much of brainstorming, my idea was this – to set up a minimalistic dental treatment centre that will offer free preventive dental treatment (consultation, scaling, restorations, and pit and fissure sealants) to kids of the low-income group in a totally neglected peripheral area.

Next comes the question. How am I going to manage the time? I thought that out. Since my private practice requires much of my time, I thought of employing a recently-graduated dentist. Seemed okay. I have an aunt who is willing to take up the role of managing the centre as a service.

So the final picture:

  • Set up a free preventive dental therapy centre for kids which will also cater adults but at a subsidized cost.
  • Any kid who walks in gets a free dental consultation and free preventive dental therapy.
  • Monthly running costs for this clinic (rent, utility bills, and material supplies) will be contributed by me.
  • Any profit obtained by treating the adults and kids with complex dental problems will be utilized to pay the dentist and will be adjusted in the next month running cost.

I do not know how feasible that looks. However, I have supreme confidence that I will be able to do something to the society as a dentist. All I want to see are healthy smiles. Not hidden smiles.

The setting up of a dental centre needs money. I am going in for used chairs and furniture. I have booked a dental chair for INR 22K and my funds are done. Need around 78000 INR more. If there is anyone who can support a good cause, please do let me know. I am here to answer your questions. Thank you.

You can contribute here – Donate here via gofundme


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