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Just thought I will share this great short story with all you people.

Jeyamohan is a renowned writer in Tamil and Malayalam. He came into the limelight with his novel “Vishnupuram.” Though vishnupuram was critically acclaimed by many authors and critics, I never had the urge to read it. I had been influenced by few biased views and was of the opinion that Jeyamohan’s writings were not very good. How mistaken I was! I used to hate Jeyamohan at one point of time. All that changed when my sister gave me a book called “Aram” and asked me to read a short story called “Yaanai Doctor” (Elephant Doctor). I am very thankful to my sister for opening this world to me. The funny thing was, she hated Jeyamohan more than me. Someone else opened the world for her. That’s the magic of sharing.

Yaanai or Mathagam in Tamil means Elephant. Elephant’s play a crucial role in the story. So far the only two short stories I have read are “Yaanai doctor” and “Sotthu kanakku” (food account), and they have been very impressive.

The beauty of Yaanai Doctor is that it is a true story of Dr.V.Krishnamurthy, who has been portrayed as Dr.K in the story. Dr.K, as he was fondly called, was a veteran conservationist who was a legend in the elephant circles. Dr.K was a forest veterinary officer with the Government of Tamilnadu for over three decades, primarily concentrating on the health care of both domestic and wild elephants. He resurrected captive elephant healthcare and management to levels that have not been seen in Asia for the most of the last century. Following the media light created by Jeyamohan’s story, a separate website has been created for Dr.K.

Going into the story, the way Jeyamohan narrates the impact that is caused by human presence inside the jungle, I felt it was essential to share the information with a bigger sector. I am sure that I am no bigger than Jeyamohan when we see each other’s fame ratings, but I can reach where he cannot reach and he can reach where I cannot reach. Again, the magic of sharing.

When the narrator feels disgusted with worms, Dr.K explains him. He says – “Lot of people are scared/disgusted with worms. Turn back and look at the scare/disgust. It will go away. You should have seen a black insect in our house. The worm is the earlier stage of the insect. The insect is a grown adult. Worm is an infant! Why should you feel disgusted with an infant?”

Those words inspired me to read more. Jeyamohan goes on to explain the damage broken bottles cause to elephants. The way the end up dying a horrifying death because a broken glass piece goes into the leg of the elephant, is touchingly explained in Dr.K’s words.

I do not want to explain more. It IS a GOOD read.

For those, who like to read the ebook in Tamil, you can leave your email as a comment. I will send you a PDF file.

You can also contact for permissions regarding print needs. For an English version of Elephant Doctor – Click here.

Go on. Read it. What do you think?


Hi All,

I have seen a lot of people asking me who to type in Tamil easily. I use the very common, free downloadable software from Google called “Google Transliterate.” No. It is not Google Translate. That is crap when you try in Tamil.

Let’s see how we do it. The first step is to download the software into your system.

Google transliterate – Please click on the link. It will take you to the page which is shown below. Please click on the desired language.


Once you have selected the language, please click download. You will receive the setup file. Please install it (Normal method of installing in Windows). Once you have installed, you are ready to go.

You can choose the field where you want to type in Tamil and can start typing.  Choose the field where you want to type, and then click on the language bar in your task bar.



Once you have done this, you can start typing in Tamil.

For example, if you want to type in Tamil inside your browser, you can click on the browser search box and then choose Tamil as the language. Then you can start typing in Tamil.

The advantage of Google transliterate is the generation of native script based on pronunciation. For example, if you want to type “வாழ்த்துக்கள்,” you just have to type “Vaazhthukkal” in English and the software automatically converts it into the Tamil word.

Another very good feature is the offline support it gives. Right now, I am typing in Microsoft writer and I can use the same feature here. Another good thing is you can toggle between languages by using “Ctrl+G.” I switch to English and Tamil within posts, conversations, and social interactions and the software come very handy.

Some more pictures of this usage.





Please contact me via comments if you have any difficulty. This is one awesome gift from Google. Though you may struggle with spelling the Tamil words in English at first, later you will become the master. I can bet myself on it. Cheers.


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