Hi All,

To cut a long story short, I am facing problems across domains when I try to promote the blog in other websites. Tamilmanam and other Tamil blog sites do not accept my blog because it contains English posts and some English blog networking sites do not accept my blog because it contains Tamil posts. So the idea was to move all the Tamil posts to a separate blog. Also to classify the blogs based on language is proving to be an arduous task.

However, considering my infrequent blogging habits (I brush and bath regularly), I do not know how I can keep two kinds of readers satisfied. As I am entering the most productive phase of my life, I run short of time and to maintain and constantly feed three/four blogs may be more difficult than having that many girlfriends.

I tried to work it out, but as a reader of my blog suggested earlier, the genre’s are different and readers are different. So the blogs got to be different. Henceforth, this blog will my English one and I am starting a Tamil blog anew. I will not promise anything.

The link to the Tamil blog is here – மதுரக்காரன்.

The Tamil blog is just to keep myself happy. I do not want to give up writing in Tamil, though I know that the vocabulary is not as good as many of you.

All I request from you is a click on the blog and a read through. If you find anything that may be hurtful to someone, please let me know. If you think that the blog is worth reading, please share it with your friends. If its very bad, you could still share it with your foes!