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Trains or Tantrums

Fifteen days ago. Yes. Exactly fifteen days ago, the train I was travelling, came to a sudden stop. I though that someone must have pulled the chain. Of course, it was not to be. That was because of a signal. However, I was sleeping when it stopped so I did not know that the train had stopped because of the signal. I was aware only when I got up.

Once I got up, I went into the toilet to empty my bladder. The bladder was full because I had drank lots of water, the previous night because of the spicy E.sait biriyani. Ideally, for the quantity I consumed, the backside of my body should have been full. Forget it.

The train had stopped. It was 6 am. I got down and lit a cigarette. Yes. In the railway station. I can do that because I am a character in this blog post. You should understand that I am not real. If I am real, why the fuck would I bother to tell you my story? Even if you are interested, you should be asking me. I should not be telling it to you all by myself. Ah. Forget it.

I lit a cigarette. I just turned around and saw behind the platform. A village was seen at a look-able distance and  few birds were flying. When the birds flew, they were making some noise which I could not hear. I looked down while the smoke from my cigarette went up. I saw a trail of ants. The trail resembled a train that was running without any signals. When a small ant could maintain such complex movement with ease, how could humans like us falter in maintaining a good train?

Beyond a point, the trail of ants vanished. But the train of humans never vanishes. Maybe, that is the difference between the disciplined ant transport and the irregular human transport. However tantramatous a train can be, it stays within its tract just to stay in its track. If it moves a bit, it topples. If it turns fast, it topples. Ant train doesn’t.

Shit. I moved somewhere else again. I was smoking while the ants were moving in a straight line. When I finished the cigarette, the signal was green. The train started, ants kept moving, and I hopped on. The train let out a plethora of sounds, which, in my opinion, was very similar to the tantrum of a 2-year-old wailing boy child. It was foolish to relate this to that, but that’s how I do. No. I am not a fool. I imagine. You should remember that I am a character in this blog post.


During the sabbatical, which is today, I started to read a book by Peyon. Peyon is a Tamil ghost writer, who writes in Tamil. When I started reading the book, I felt like writing about it and I started to write about it while I am reading it. So the ability to write and read seemed interspersed but I am actually doing it at the same time. While one eye and one hand is holding the book and reading it, the other eye and other hand is looking at the laptop typing it.

Meanwhile, my wife is in the kitchen. She is not cooking but she is pregnant and is expecting a baby. There is no point in her being in the kitchen. But still she is there while I am lying down in the bedroom reading this and writing this.

I am in Tirunelveli today. I was here yesterday. I will be here tomorrow. Day after tomorrow, I will be here. Next Friday, I will be in Tirunelveli. It rained here. It rained yesterday. It will rain tomorrow. Day after tomorrow, it will rain. Next Friday, it will rain in Tirunelveli. Sunlight is scarce. The clothes are still wet despite their dryness.

While reading Peyon, I realized that I cannot write like him/her. However, when I write like him, I understand that I can write like him. So I wrote like Peyon and I wrote like him. Peyon and him are the same. Peyon is different from him because Peyon has a name. If Peyon did not have a name, Peyon will be him.

There is another Payon. He is in the website. Peyon is in the books. Him is also in the books. Payon and Peyon are almost the same expect for the single lettar. My wish is that. That Peyon, Payon, and Him meet with me. I want to see who writes better or me!

p.s: That’s what Peyon could do to you. Open-mouthed smile 

Peyon is one of the best contemporary writers in Tamil literature. He is a ghost writer. Not the classical ghost writer. Classical ghost writers write for someone else. Peyon writes for himself and his readers. His style is atrocious and his humour is unbeatable. Try reading Peyon when you find time. Rather, you can find time to read Peyon.

No ebooks please. Though you can download “Peyon 1000” – compilation of tweets by Peyon from his own website, the other books of Peyon, namely, Thisai kaatti paravai, Paambu thailam, and Kaadhal iravu have been published by Aazhi publishers.

They are not very expensive. Paambu thailam costs around 100, Thisai kaatti paravai and Kaadhal iravu costs around the same. Buy them. Worth it.

Between, the prelude was just a try. Don’t bash me for it. If you wanna bash someone, bash Peyon, Payon or Him. Comments are welcome.

Tamil or English?

Hi All,

To cut a long story short, I am facing problems across domains when I try to promote the blog in other websites. Tamilmanam and other Tamil blog sites do not accept my blog because it contains English posts and some English blog networking sites do not accept my blog because it contains Tamil posts. So the idea was to move all the Tamil posts to a separate blog. Also to classify the blogs based on language is proving to be an arduous task.

However, considering my infrequent blogging habits (I brush and bath regularly), I do not know how I can keep two kinds of readers satisfied. As I am entering the most productive phase of my life, I run short of time and to maintain and constantly feed three/four blogs may be more difficult than having that many girlfriends.

I tried to work it out, but as a reader of my blog suggested earlier, the genre’s are different and readers are different. So the blogs got to be different. Henceforth, this blog will my English one and I am starting a Tamil blog anew. I will not promise anything.

The link to the Tamil blog is here – மதுரக்காரன்.

The Tamil blog is just to keep myself happy. I do not want to give up writing in Tamil, though I know that the vocabulary is not as good as many of you.

All I request from you is a click on the blog and a read through. If you find anything that may be hurtful to someone, please let me know. If you think that the blog is worth reading, please share it with your friends. If its very bad, you could still share it with your foes!


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