I have lived in Chennai for the past 12 years and have been quite successful in life. I have enough money and a good life. Deep down inside my heart, I don’t have the happiness. I feel empty. I feel I haven’t done anything to contribute to the society that has given me so many things.

I have been associated with the Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) for the past 3.8 years and it has been a wonderful platform for me to grow myself as a better human being. Personally and professionally, I have gone miles, when I compare myself to what I was, 5 years ago.

CTC has been a life modifier for me. CTC’s activities are limited to trekking, clean up drives, tree plantation and temple restoration (most recently). CTC is a wonderful group of 18000 members of whom almost around 1000 are very active at any given point of time. I still love CTC and I will always be a member of CTC.

The hitch is – I have some personal chores to complete in Madurai, which incidentally is also my hometown. There have been developments which require my presence at home. More so, I thought this could be the opportunity that I was waiting for.

So I decided to move to Madurai.

So I thought with a small group of friends and decided to form a new society. That’s how this was born – South Tamilnadu Nature Conservation Society (STNCS).” We also decided on a few points:

  1. STNCS will not use any other group/club/society’s database to generate members. It will not steal from other groups. It will have it’s own integral member list that would be built slowly. No aggressive marketing (read – paid marketing) will be done to promote the organisation. We will, over passage of time, have our own database.
  2. The new club will collaborate with other clubs/ecological societies/conservation groups/rescue centres and will provide more reach and personnel’s so that we can mobilize a good number when we work on something good.
  3. STNCS will not only take part in conservation activities organised with other groups but will also initiate new conservation activities, education sessions in colleges, schools, corporate houses, and other establishments. We will work in close quarters with the government and will provide all the support we can.
  4. The organisation will be a non-profit organisation. I am the founder member and we will have a core panel which will be revised bi-annually. If I am not able to take up the responsibility of running the club, I will pass it on to the panel. Moderators and Managers will be selected from within the group based on their contribution/participation etc.
  5. Members of the society will be included as organizers only after actively serving for a specified period of time. Organizers will be selected based on their leadership qualities and willingness to participate in the events.

So far, I have thought about this and have devised these set of guidelines. I have few good-hearted souls from Madurai who are into this society. We haven’t started with a bang. We understand that the growth is going to be a slow one, but a significant one.

The official website will be ready soon (can someone contribute the funds for it?). I am planning to organize a small media drive by Jan 15th, 2013, in Madurai. Contacts and help are and will be much appreciated. Let’s unite in a cause and fight together to save the world and keep it green.

You can find the links here – You can join the club even if you are not going to physically participate in the organized events. All I request you to do is to share the information and help us grow.

Facebook group

Facebook page

Google mailing list and group

Thank you for reading this blog post. I don’t know if this makes a difference in your life, but I am certain that the group will make a difference in someone’s life. Thanks again. I am a smiling man, now.