I have something to tell ya. I was born in Madurai. So was Vijayakanth. Those who already know Vijayakanth, skip the next paragraph. You haven’t heard that name? Never? Read the next paragraph.

Vijayakanth (born 25 August 1952 as Vijayaraj Prabhakar Alagarswami) is an Indian actor and politician. He is the founder of the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam and a Member of Legislative Assembly representing Rishivandiyam, Tamil Nadu, India. He is one of the leading actors of Tamil film industry. He was considered as an icon of Tamil movie industry after MGR, Rajinikanth, and Kamal Hassan.

That’s enough. About him. I am writing this post as a mark of respect to the creativity of directors and screenplay writers who used Vijayakanth to create some unforgettable scenes in Tamil movies. Vijayakanth deserves the credit to be mentioned because he accepted to act in those video’s even after he knew that they would look very stupid.

This post is not politically driven. It’s just pun intended. Enjoy the video links from YouTube.

First one –

After finding a dead body on the street and a culprit running away Vijayakanth gives chase to a fleeing baddie. The baddie enters his domain which happens to be a warehouse full of ladders, and hides. Along with over 15 men, can Vijayakanth stop this culprit and press him judgement for his crimes?


Second one –

I have no idea how could someone do this. You can see Vijayakanth typing in the keyboard while windows media player runs in the screen. He could also select a persons name from the video and get his bio-data. I am going to fight my OS provider because that company cheated me with a media player with very limited functionality. I am grieved.

Third one

I am a dentist. I have also seen surgeries. I have never seen one like this. Watch it. Hilarious.


Fourth one –

You would have seen bulletproof vest. This is unimaginable. Watch it to know it. I am stumped with the creativity.


and we have many more! Just google “Funny tamil movie scenes.”

Voila! You end up with a great source of “just for laughs: gags!”

You can share funny video’s in the comments! Please do. Laughter is the best medicine.