Five years of age. The age at which a kid enters school. The age at which exploration starts as horizons expand. The age at which a kid leaves the protection of home and moves out into the real world.

I had a pretty bad experience of my first day of school. Back then, I was this tiny little guy. After the first day of school, I boarded the school bus to go home. I was waiting for my stop. I did not know how it would look like. All I knew was that my grandma will be waiting for me in the bus stop. Before I could know, the bus was in my stop. I could see my grandma searching for me anxiously. Before I could push through the crowd and move to the door, the bus moved. I thought “Ok! They will come back and drop me.”

Sadly, I was fooled. The bus showed no signs of return and was heading towards school. When the bus was empty without any student, of course except me, I went up to the driver and asked him to drop me home. Poor fella, that driver. He had the shock of his life. I did not know the name of my stop. He did not know which stop I was from. So they took me back to school. Meanwhile, my grandma had called up my mom, dad and a huge group of relatives, because I did not turn up in the school bus. They thought someone had kidnapped me for a ransom.

The driver took me back to school and we went into the office. They checked the office file for details and found out my home address. The driver said his house was near and he could drop me home. The teachers said yes and sent me along with the driver. The driver had a cycle and he also had an indigenous pram that could be attached to the cycle.

So up we went – against all odds to find my lost parents, grandma, and a huge group of relatives. Before that, I should also tell you about the snacks I ate. The driver, hungry after the trip, wanted to have a tea. So he and another chap made me sit in the cycle and took me to a tea shop. Unfortunately for him, the driver asked me what I wanted. I took two buns, two cream biscuit packets, few chocolates, and ordered a masala milk. I needed snacks to last for sometime until I meet my parent’s right?

So then we went towards my house. Meanwhile, there was a huge commotion/chaos/hullabaloo in our house. A kid is missing. Dad had gone to school and searched. They had told that I had left in the school bus because I had left in the school bus. When my Dad went, there were no teachers. When I returned to school, there were no office administrators. So we did not know that Dad had come to search for me in school. So Dad and other relatives panicked, ran around, and were about to go to the cops to file a complaint.

I had told that the driver picked up my address from the school. My grand mom’s house lies on the way to our house. So when we neared my grandma’s house, I could identify and told the driver to drop me there. Finally, they all let a sigh of relief when they got assured that no body had kidnapped me.

Outcome of this incident –

  1. I sat in the dashboard of the bus for the next 1 year. I never sat in the seats.
  2. I cried for 1 full year when I go to school. When I come back, I used to be my happy self.
  3. I hated school because of this incident. I used to be so scared that I always thought that the bus would leave me at school and go. Because of this, I used to always sit on the table (not the bench) and watch the bus that was parked next to the building. If it moved, I would start crying.

Coming to the most important part of the blog – How the title is related to this incident:

Answer is here!

I wanted to be a driver when I grew up. You know why – I would save a kid from getting lost. The driver was my hero, that day.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I did not become a driver. I am a dentist.

p.s – This is a true incident. My memory is very strong.

Open-mouthed smile