Long time since a food post. Thought I will do a quick one.

I cook very little. Very little, not in quantity but in the count. Of the few things I make, I am very good at few. This post is about those.

1. Rose milk

Rose milk is basically Rose syrup and Milk. You need a good rose syrup. My suggestion/choice is the Nannari rose syrup. All those rose essences sold in supermarkets are crap. Mix two tea-spoonful’s of Nannari syrup with 200 mL of milk. Stir well. If you have a mixer, use the juicer, add few ice cube’s, and smash it. It’s delicious. Meanwhile, if you need Nannari syrup, you get it in Nilgiri’s. For people outside India, very sorry.

2. Butter bun

My grandfather taught me this. Take a bun. A plain tea bun. Not a cream bun with jellybeans stuck in the middle. Not a burger bun with all those sesame seeds. Just a plain bun. Cut it into two. No. Not fully. Let it hang by the throat. Spread it open and take some butter. A spoonful of butter. Don’t melt it. Don’t use ghee. Just butter. Apply butter evenly on either ends of the sliced bun. Once you have applied the butter, take a spoonful of sugar and sprinkle it over the butter. Close the bun. Crown the bun with a pinch of butter. Take a tawa. Put the bun in the tawa. You need to allow the bun to get fried a bit, until it reaches a golden brown colour. Turn the bun upside down. Now, use your dosa spoon to flatten the bun. Turn the bun around. Pick it out and eat when it’s hot.

Photo will be uploaded by Aug 15th.

3.Half-boiled egg

Making a bull’s eye or a half-boiled egg is an art. It is. So far in my life, my attempt to make a bull’s eye or a half-boiled egg has failed very few times. The best is to prepare the tawa for the egg. You need to scrub the tawa with a tinge of oil before you even switch on the stove. Once you have done that, you have to put the egg on the tawa without breaking the yellow. I usually use a knife or a spoon to break the shell. A thin line of break. After that, I use my hands to split the egg shell gently. You gotta be very gentle. Lose concentration, lose egg. Once the egg is perfectly placed in the tawa, take some black pepper powder and sprinkle it generously. You can also mix salt with black pepper and sprinkle it, but IMHO – it just spoils the taste of half-cooked egg.


This is different. But again, its made of egg. I use only egg. Some restaurant’s use big karandi’s (spoons) and chicken pieces too. Take an egg, break it into a vessel, and remove the shell. Add few onions, chillies, salt, and pepper. Stir well. Take a scoop/karandi and allow it to heat in a stove. Once the karandi is hot enough, pour the egg mixture into the karandi. Allow it to turn golden brown on all sides. It’s easy because you can roll it easily.

That’s it for now. Tired and going to sleep. Will update the post if I master anything in near future. Bon appetite!