Hi All,
I watched this movie in Escape cinema’s. The movie was scheduled at 12:30 and I could get to the theatre only at around 12:50. So I missed the first 20 minutes of the show. I guess I did not miss much as I understand from the rest of the movie.
I entered the theater in a scene where Sid starts treating Priya Anand in a hospital in US. Let me go over to my analysis here. *curses the chennai traffic*
Of the movies, I watched in the recent past, Aadukalam and Ko were good. Engeyum kadhal was dog poop. I felt engeyum kadhal was actually the honeymoon trip of prabhudeva and his girl (some say its nayanthara, but I dont go by rumours, u see!). So 180 was supposed to be a movie which touches your soul and teaches everyone how to live life.
The plot is a cliche. How many times have you seen a movie where hero meets heroine, they fall in love, hero gets cancer, moves of from wifey, another girl falls in love with hero, hero moves away from her, then wants to see wifey before he dies, sees wifey, doesn’t want to meet her coz that will make her unhappy, and runs away again? If you had watched this crap already, then please avoid this movie. I felt I was watching vazhve maayam again, a bit more colorfully. *slams his forehead repeatedly on the desk*
The moral of the story is live the day as it comes. I mean.. everyone knows it right.. if you do not know, I will tell you. You dont have to go watch the movie to know it. 🙂
If anyone is going to talk about cancer to me, read about it. I have been working in the oncology therapeutic area and I have seen worst case scenario’s quite a number of times. The pain that cancer causes, is not physical. Its mental. Its psychic. I did not get any empathy on the character of the hero. Nah. Not a bit.
Music by Sharreth is good. I liked the songs. Not all of them, though. Screenplay is very cliched as you can see. It was like watching a lot of movies mixed in a mixer and baked in an oven. The ultimate boon for the movie is the work of Balasubramaniam, the cinematographer. He has been a magician with his camera, especially for the “rules kidayathu” song.
About the performances, nobody has much to act in a cliched role. I have seen Kamal haasan doing vazhve maayam umpteen number of times. Every bloody movie where the hero gets the cancer, he runs away from his girl. I do not want to watch any other movie with this storyline. Frankly, I was waiting for the hero to die so that the movie would end. It never happened. Bull crap.
One more thing, Jayendra has been quoted as a mentor by Siddarth. He may have, but he did not apply it.
To be very open to all of you, I did not like the movie a bit and I felt wasted. Movies like this are visual treats but intellectually they do not feed your mind. I wish there were more movies like aadukalam which played around with human emotions or movies like ko which was a mass entertainer.
Last but one. Sid after being diagnosed with cancer keeps getting visual hallucinations. He sees a black man with rope. I did not understand it at first. After few frames, I understood that it was the depiction of Yama, the God of death. ROFL. Why was Yama an african? Meanwhile Sid has six months to live and Yama seems to do nothing else except chase Sid or smile at him. I was totally totally bankrupt in terms of laughs left in me.
People may like the movie. Opinions vary. This is my humble opinion. Siddarth could have tried a different story for the reentry. Jayendra, the director could have improvised a lot with the options available to him. The screenplay could have been focused and need not have wavered mindlessly. The camera work, am speechless. 🙂 *is blinking*
Finally they could have named the movie 1980. They could have made this before the other heroes and heroine’s got their cancers. I also learnt a lesson again. Expectations make you upset, when they don’t happen. Its a lesson I have been getting often, but I cannot stop expecting.
Adios friends. Watch it if you are ultimately bored. Watch it if you want to sympathize with a doc in the US married to a pretty gal, with an option to get the best of the treatments possible, make a misery out of it against innumerable patients in developing countries who do not even have the basic aid to diagnose their disease. *raises up his hand and gives a warning*
Contribute to funds for cancer research please. I regret the wastage of money. Seriously. *mutters relentlessly*
I guess there is some other good movie that releases soon. Sometimes, creative mind is a selective boon. 🙂

Bye people. *praises the chennai traffic for cutting down the suffering time*